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At Key Transitions in Their Careers and Lives


Life-Work-Transitions works with owners of small and medium sized businesses who want to have a plan to exit their business while the business is still successful and they are ‘vibrant.’

They want to ‘go out on top’ so they can maximize their investment and move into a new, satisfying phase of their life. They want to make their transition on their terms.

Life happens in phases. Work is just one phase, followed by others. Owners may ‘burn out’ or get sick. Maybe you want to move to a different part of the world. Or business conditions might change significantly. The key is to be prepared – to choose your next phase and make the transition on your terms.

With no transition strategy worked out, they are worried that they may have to keep working when they want to let go, facing the prospect of their net worth declining in value because they can’t find a viable buyer.

They want to build a team of future leaders who ‘Have the skills to run the business and the money to buy it.’


“I’m afraid that I can’t ‘get out’ when I want to - that I’ll have to keep working when I want to move on.”

I don’t have a business exit strategy. I don’t know if I’ll sell internally – to my staff or partners – or externally to an outside party.

I don’t have a personal transition plan. I want to know what I’m going to do in the next phase of my life.

“We want to augment our professional advisor team (attorneys, accountants, financial advisors). We want a person who has a special understanding of organizations and their people and has first hand experience in ownership transition.”

“We’re ‘marching in place’ without a leadership succession plan to assure us that the company will survive and prosper into the next decades. We’re so busy in the day to day operations that we haven’t planned for the future of our company. “


“We don’t have the right people preparing to assume leadership/ownership roles when the present leadership retires....or gets sick….or dies. This could lead to ‘vacuum’ that we aren’t prepared to deal with causing chaos and conflict; even lead to closing the firm.”

“We want to build a team of future leaders who ‘Have the skills to run the business and the money to buy it.’ But we don’t have a program to identify and develop the ‘next generation’ of owners/leaders.

“Our current leaders aren’t preparing to retire, to make the transition from work into their ‘Next Phase’ of their lives. They are holding on because they don’t have another option or a personal transition strategy.”

“I’m worried that if I wait too long, there will be too little time for the new owners to generate the cash to ‘buy me out’ when I want to move on.”


“I want to maximize my return on investment. To do that I must find a person or company that will pay me top dollar – who can capitalize on the synergy that will come from merging our two companies.”

“We don’t have a profile of what prospective buyers might be. We don’t know what will make our company ‘attractive.’ ”

“We haven’t ‘prepared the company for sale.’

“We don’t have a transition strategy for selling the business.”

“We don’t have a timetable for the sales process.”

“We haven’t built a leadership team of qualified people which will make the business more valuable to potential buyers.”


“We’re dissatisfied with the status quo. We want to ‘move on,’ to develop and implement an orderly succession plan to assure their company’s future.”

“I want to prepare for the life after I ‘move on.’ I recognize that I may live into my 80s or 90s so I want to create a purposeful next phase of my life. And I want to be sure that my transition from the business is orderly.”

“I want to develop and implement an exit strategy that assures me that I can ‘harvest my investment’ when I want to – and get maximum value for my life’s work.”

“I want to decide if the transition will be an internal or external sale. I recognize that this decision ‘drives’ future plans so I want to decide early.”

“I want to build long term sustainability of the company. I want to be sure that my company has the ‘staying power’ to survive and grow in changing, unpredictable times.”

“If I am planning an ‘internal’ sale, I want to think strategically; up to ten years into the future, building a strong leadership team that shares a common vision and works effectively together and has enough time to buy my interests.”

“I place a high priority on the selection and development of future owners and leaders. Whether I to hire people from the outside or promote present staff members, I want to make decisions based on each individual’s unique strengths and energy and their ‘fit’ in the future company. I want to identify those with ability, skills, passion, and judgment and place them in situations that give them ‘stretch goals’ - opportunities to ‘grow.’ And I want to coach and mentor potential leaders and advance those who prove themselves.”

“I want an ownership transfer program in place, so that there is adequate time for the next generation to purchase stock to meet my personal plans.”

“If an external sale is my chosen path I want to build a company attractive to potential buyers by building a strong leadership team.”

“I recognize that transition planning is a long term journey. I am committed to ‘staying on track’ until we have developed and are implementing our plan.”

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues that we help them resolve and what our clients need to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.


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