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At Key Transitions in Their Careers and Lives



Life-Work-Transitions builds on four areas of service to help our clients at both the personal and company levels:

Personal Conversations
            Explore personal aspirations
            Enable self discovery
            Ask probing questions
            Challenge assumptions
            Offer new ideas/approaches

Personality Profiles
            Discover individual traits, strengths and motivators
            Understand and appreciate differences in others
            Build on individual strengths and contributions
            Build effective groups           

One to One/Small Group Facilitation
            Identify areas of conflict
            Build person to person understanding
            Find ‘common ground’
            Learn to work together

Team Facilitation
            Strategic Planning
            Finding shared values
            Build high performing teams
            Action Planning
            Monitor progress
            Make ‘mid course’ corrections


Each of the major parts of our service involves a different array of services.

Choose Your Personal Future

Focuses on you – the business owner. Through a series of personal conversations and interviews we help you discover where you are and where you want to be in the future. And we use a variety of questionnaires to help you discover what you are good at and what your natural behaviors are.

Using this information, we help you identify the next phase of your life that you want to move into and help you lay out the plan to get you where you want to be.

Once you have ‘set your direction’ you are better prepared to let go of your business and plan for your transition. You can create a ‘new you’ that doesn’t depend upon your company to define yourself.

Decide Your Company’s Future

Will you sell internally or to an external buyer? If you are intending to make an internal transfer you need to build the next generation of leaders/owners. And you have to do it well in advance of your plan to move on to be sure that you have the ‘right’ people in place so that you can make the transfer of ownership on your schedule.

Combining Personal Interviews, Personality Profiles and One to One/Small Group Facilitation we will help you evaluate your current staff using these key criteria:

  • Are they leaders, looking into the future and willing to take risks?
  • Do they have the skill and experience?
  • Are they learners with potential to grow into their new roles?
  • Do they have the passion – ‘the fire in their belly?’
  • Are they compatible as a team?
  • Can they generate the cash to buy your interests?

If you don’t have the right people – and you have started early enough – we can help you hire and ‘grow’ them. We can help you evaluate candidates and support you in their development.

Make a Successful Transition

Making the transition is a journey – spread over a long period.

Once you have decided your future, you and your next generation team will move forward, step by step, creating that future.

Over time you will step back, giving the others opportunities to ‘grow/stretch their wings.’ You will become their coach.

The ownership transfer process will begin and proceed at a rate that is affordable for your successors while meeting your timetable to withdraw your investment before you give up control and move into your next phase.

Our role can be fine-tuned to meet your company’s needs and to support you in your transition. We will mutually agree on the specific contribution we will make to your effort using a combination of services which will change over time.

Would you like to hear what our clients have said about us? We invite you to go to Client Testimonials for their perspectives.


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