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At Key Transitions in Their Careers and Lives


What’s it like to work with the Life-Work-Transitions? In this section we’ll tell you the kind of results you can expect when working with us and we’ll also give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, our approach to client projects and how we’re different from other consultants.



You’ll choose the kind of life you want to create in the next phase of your life.  You’ll identify what is important to you –your passions, what you want to do but haven’t done yet, etc. And you’ll clarify your strengths and skills. Along the way, you will identify new skills you want to develop, new areas you want to explore.

You’ll plan for the next phase of your life – something that matters to you, something that gets you up in the morning. You’ll choose a life that will give you meaning and satisfaction.

You’ll start your transition while you’re ‘still on top’ so that you can withdraw your investment and build your personal net worth.


You’ll decide if you will sell internally or externally. An internal sale – to your partners, family and staff will determine an entirely different transition strategy than an external sale to an outside, third partly. Your personal decisions with provide the basis for making decisions about the future of your company and will guide your exit strategy.

You’ll evaluate your leadership team. Do you have the people who have the passion, energy, talents and experience? Do they have the “Skills to run the company and the money to buy it?” Can they work together? If so, and you have the time, you can develop them. If not, you can recruit new people where needed.

If you don’t have the right people and the time to develop them, an external sale may be your best option. Even then, the stronger your management team is the more valuable your company is to an outside buyer.

An external sale may be your best choice. Your firm may be worth more to a third party than you can harvest from an internal sale to your staff.


You’ll develop a workable transition strategy; one that supports your personal goals and will enable you to withdraw your equity on your timetable. You will be able to ‘get your money out’ before you give up management control.

You will identify where you are now. Often, our work begins with an organizational assessment – a survey of your operation which might include a visit to your facilities, in-depth questionnaires, interviews, review of your policies and procedures, etc. The assessment provides an overview of your company – its capabilities and constraints – that, together, we can use to mutually agree on the scope and direction of the future work.

You will build a strong organization that is able to deal with challenges and capitalize on opportunities that change presents. Changing circumstances – retirement, accident, death, loss of energy can lead to unanticipated life style shifts that will impact the leaders’ roles and challenge your company. When you know the future you want to create, you can prepare both the company and the individuals for those changes.

You are developing the next generation of leaders so they will be prepared to ‘step up’ when the time is right. You won’t ‘bet all your money on one horse.’ You’ll build a cadre of potential leaders that are selected, trained and coached so they are prepared for their future roles.


Our basic premise is that successful organizations and successful people CHOOSE the future they want to create and LEARN to create it by capitalizing on the opportunities that their changing environment presents.

There is no quick fix for successful ownership transition. We work with our clients ‘over the long haul’ helping them build the strengths they need to become self sustaining -- ultimately working ourselves out of a job.



Coaching senior leaders as they transition from work to a ‘new role' they choose for themselves.


Building a strong, sustainable organization that combines focus, flexibility and innovation to survive and prosper in rapidly changing times.


Developing future leaders.


Supporting the transition process.


We are flexible. Each client has different aspirations, different needs. One size doesn’t fit all. We offer a range of services that address your challenges. And we fine tune our approach to produce sustainable results for your company.

We are part of your team. We work with you, supporting you and your people as you choose the future you want to create and then learn to create it.

We are also part of your team of advisors. We bring a unique expertise which we blend with the special knowledge of your staff and your advisors to guide you as you create the future you have chosen.


We work with our clients to identify their personal unique situation. We focus on understanding your organizational, understanding your people and how they interact. And we help you pinpoint the challenges – external and internal – that you are facing.

We listen. We collect information from you and your people (and, at times, from your customers) bringing it together and synthesize recommendations for your consideration.

We are continually learning. We integrate our new knowledge into the work that we are doing with our clients.

We stay with you. Our relationship is not just a ‘quick fix’ sort of thing. Creating change involves learning new skills, new approaches and unlearning what no longer works. To do so, it helps to have someone who can bring an objective point of view and different perspectives. We serve that role, supporting you, at whatever level works for you, for as long as you choose.

Pete Wendel has extensive transition experience. He participated in two ownership transfers; from his Dad to him and, then, he and his partners successfully executed the transfer of leadership (and ownership) to them. He has worked with business people, helping them develop clarity about their personal aspirations and evaluate their current staff to find those people who have the strengths to become the next generation of leadership.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients go to the Typical Project Cycle page to see how we interact with our clients.


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