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At Key Transitions in Their Careers and Lives

"Pete led WENDEL with a vision that had two key thrusts: ownership transition and geographical expansion.

Ownership Transition - Pete’s goal always was to create a company where we could grow to full individual potential – professionally and as managers/leaders. He implemented an organization philosophy that shifted from a ‘top down’ to a collegial environment – one in which gave us both the challenge and the opportunity to work together to build ‘the business’ and become owners of that business. The ownership transition program that he developed is still the one that we use today.

Geographical Expansion - To provide growth opportunities, Pete led us as we moved from a small local firm, with limited potential, to a regional one. A significant step was moving our corporate offices into the center of the region. This raised our visibility, gave us additional creditability and improved our ability to attract the best people."

Tony McKenna
Wendel Duchscherer -- Architects and Engineers


"I have known Pete Wendel since 1980 when I joined Wendel Engineers. One of the reasons I joined Wendel was because of the vision that Pete not only laid out for the firm, but the steps he took to insure its successful implementation. His vision was the classic 'tipping point' which took the firm from a small family business to a competitive regional firm with a strong strategic and market orientation. Pete extended a partnership position to me and we worked together for over six years.

While serving as the General Manager of Operations of the Peace Bridge Authority, I hired Pete to lead the senior team through its first ever strategic planning process. This assignment was exceptionally difficult given the bureaucratic and almost monopolistic attitude prevalent in the Authority. Pete took us through an effective team building exercise first and then through the strategic planning process. I’m proud to say he structured our work and efforts to make sure we developed it, owned it, and most importantly, implemented it. The plan was a major success. We later retained Pete to lead team building sessions with both our clerical staff and our supervisory team.

I have continued to maintain my relationship with Pete for almost 25 years. We’re kindred spirits when it comes to looking at how to get the most out of people, teams, and organizations. Whether it’s regarding strategy, innovation, organizational effectiveness or change management, I can’t think of a more skilled professional to have working with you. I am confident that Pete can tailor an approach that works for you – from getting the team on the same page, to following through on implementation."

Stephen F. Mayer, PE
Former General Manager of Operations
Peace Bridge Authority
Business Professor
Niagara University


I am writing to provide a personal reference to Peter Wendel of the Peter Wendel Group. I have known Peter for over 20 years and since he was a TEC Group Leader and later when he went off on his own practice as a personal counselor.

I have been the owner of a small specialty construction firm for the last 25 years. We perform work with in 250 miles of Buffalo, NY specializing in Heavy / Industrial type construction. We have had a lot of issues over the years involving lawsuits, labor issues, and even how best to approach things at work on day to day issues.

I have found him to be a great person to talk to when I need to work things through and get things straight in my mind how to proceed. He makes me think through the processes and than makes me accountable to myself for taking action and completing them. He challenges me with exploring my goals, helps me look at alternative visions of what things can or should be and helps me understand when I don't have the control over some areas that my statements imply and that I need to understand that area better.

I would recommend him if you are looking for a person who has experience in the real business world and need someone to give you that impartial look at where you have been, where you are and where you want to go.

R. Charles Patterson
Patterson- Stevens
March 15, 2010


"The Peter Wendel Group facilitated many changes within our organization. They introduced the art of individual personality traits to us. It was a true learning experience of how diversified personalities can and should adapt to each other, resulting in efficient meaningful productivity. Several team building interactions brought us together as a cohesive group.

Our successful participation in phase one of the team building interactions allowed the Peter Wendel Group to easily guide us through many strategic and operational planning sessions.

Developing this foundation over several years has been a key component to our success. The shared knowledge has been invaluable to our organization."

David R. Di Matteo, CPA
Brock, Schechter &Polakoff, LLP
Buffalo, NY
(716) 854-5034


"I worked with Peter Wendel when I was Commissioner of Public Works for Niagara County. During that time he, as President of Wendel (now Wendel Duchscherer), mentored a group of young engineers to elevate the firm to become a major player, locally and in New York State.

More recently, he and I have met frequently for 'lunch and conversation.' During those conversations, Peter has shared his unique approach to managing and leading professional firms. that have been both thought provoking and inspiring for me."

Donald J Smith PE
Vice President
Urban Engineers of New York, PC.


Dear Pete,

Thank you for your help these past years in helping me sort out my problems and set my priorities. Not all my problems are ‘fixable’ and all problems are mine to fix. Your counsel helped me set my strategy for my life and business and then plan the tactics to move toward my ultimate goals. You did not come in and tell me what was wrong. You asked refining and insightful questions that eventually revealed my choices to me. It was an interesting journey which you guided but never led. Thank you!!

Robert G Shaw
Superior Constructors, Inc.
Williamsville, NY
716 634-6777


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